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Jenni & The Hummingbird ,
"I've always been very sensitive to sound. Like when I hear water, I hear the orchestra. Every sound, person or object seems to have a song or story waiting to be exposed. In this, I find myself writing all the time. I have music written out everywhere, sometimes it's hard to keep up with my mind when it starts racing with ideas."- Jenni

Jenni grew up along the beautiful shores of Stratford, PEI.

Jenni grew up loving musicals, as she loved the idea of singing about every-day life. She would be singing outside about the smell of summer and how her toes tingled through the sensation of cool soft grass tickling her feet. Music molded her heart into the roots of everything.

She is inspired by the melodies and harmonies of The Rankin Family, the soothing sounds of Norah Jones, the powerful vocals of Melanie Safka and the words of Bob Dylan. Her appreciation for all genres of music is vibrant, as she sees the art in all sounds.

Jenni is currently working on her first EP to be released in 2016.