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Richard Turner DJhighschoolreunion
DJhighschoolreunion is the full package. A non stop entertainment solution for youth groups, festival crowds and corporate events as well as the night club market.

My policy has always been All Request All Night Long within the realms of good taste and this is defiantly a refreshing change for your audience members who now generally associate a DJ performance with being a no request situation.

A true lover of all musical styles DJhighschoolreunion has been building a library of songs for the past 19 years since beginning in the music industry professionally in 1996 .

Myth and legend has it that DJhighschoolreunion actually organized the second rave party ever held on our fair island and has been involved in the EDM culture in one form or another ever since.

Just as adept behind the scenes as on stage Richard has over a decades worth of experience in live sound production and has worked with many local and nationally touring artists.