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Shane Arsenault
Soon after Shane picked up a guitar in mid-2011 he began writing music. His first project was called The Waistband, which largely ran from 2012-2013. This consisted of attempts to create playground chants into real songs, bringing two childhood friends with little experience in music along for the ride. This was also created to get a feel for recording his own music.

For the next few years albums were largely acoustic based, with serious and non-serious songs alike.

January 2015 saw the release of the Spiral Static EP, along with an EP full of short improvisations. Spiral Static was the first "serious" endeavor, containing three instrumentals.

Summer 2015 was when Mind came out. It contains dark psychedelic vibes along with long drawn out noise sections.

March 2016 announced a new project going by the name of "Color, Motion, Shape, and Depth". This extended on what Mind began with more pop sensibilities, creating the largest-scale production by Shane to date.