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Canadian Song Conference
2021 Canadian Songwriter Challenge

2021 Canadian Songwriter Challenge Songs

Funded in part by Bell Media, the Canadian Songwriter Challenge is in its 7th year. The goal of Music PEI’s version is to bring artists together from across Canada to co-write with PEI artists. Nine provincial music industry associations partnered with Music PEI in 2021 to create 9 teams of songwriters. Each pair is assisted by a producer.

The pairs of artists are tasked with writing and recording 2 songs each with their producer. All writing and recording in 2021 will be completed online. Once the songs are completed, they are presented to the delegates in online Listening Sessions. Songs produced through this program have been used by the delegates with some being used or re-recorded for the artists own albums.

2021 Participants

Region MIA Artist PEI Artist Producers
YT Koovy Andrew Waite Howard Redekopp
ON Oleyada KINLEY Steph Copeland
NS Chudi Harris Vince the Messenger Gavin Brown
NB Sebastian Gaskin Brielle Ansems Breagh Isabel
NB Kylie Fox Nikkie Gallant Daniel Ledwell
BC Bukola Brandon Howard Roy Erin Costelo
AB D'orjay Irish Mythen Jason Barry
SK Kasia Leigh Joce Reyome Greg Alsop
NL Kellie Loder Noah Malcom Jon Matthews

Previous Collaborations

Catalogues of past Canadian Songwriter Challenge collaborations are available:

2020 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
Nikkie Gallant (PEI) & Hilary Ladd (NB)
Mat Hannah (PEI) & James Wilson (ON)
Karen Penton (PEI) & Valerie Raye (SK)
Dylan Menzie (PEI) & Keri Latimer (MB)
Brielle Ansems (PEI) & Peter Stone (AB)
Vince the Messenger (PEI) & Desiree Dawson (BC)
Logan Richard (PEI) & Sophie Noel (YT)

2019 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
Brittany McQuinn (PEI) & Madison Olds (BC)
Rachel Beck (PEI) & Tessa Gooden (ON)
Logan Richard (PEI) & Nuella Charles (AB)
Teresa Doyle (PEI) & Greyson Gritt (MFM-NO)
Dave Sampson (NS) & Sierra Noble (MB)
Mike Harmel (SK) & Chris Ryan (NFLD)

2018 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
Josh Carter (PEI) & Shaun LB (NB)
Catherine MacLellan (PEI) & Reeny Smith (NS)
Russell Louder (PEI) & Steph Copeland (ON)
Amanda Jackson Band (PEI) & Alexandria Maillot (BC)
Alicia Toner (PEI) & Sean Panting (NL)
Danny Drouin (PEI) & Shantaia (SK)

2017 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
Meaghan Blanchard (PEI) & Gabrielle Papillon (NS)
Andrew Waite (PEI) & Ross Neilsen (SK)
Rachel Beck (PEI) & Jordan Alexander (ON)
Dennis Ellsworth (PEI) & Tyler Gilbert (SK)

2016 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
KINLEY (PEI) & Carleton Stone (NS)
Dennis Ellsworth (PEI) & Andy Brown (NB)
Tim Chaisson (PEI) & Brianna Gosse (NL)
Dylan Menzie (PEI) & Kashka (ON)

2015 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
Coyote (PEI) & Dan Mangan (BC)
Meaghan Blanchard (PEI) & Tim Hus (AB)
Tim Chaisson (PEI) & Jay Semko (SK)
Ashley Condon (PEI) & The Small Glories (MB)
Dennis Ellsworth (PEI) & Donovan Woods (ON)