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Canadian Song Conference
Canadian Songwriter Challenge

The Canadian Songwriter Challenge is a Music PEI initiative in its fourth year and is part of the annual Canadian Song Conference (CSC) taking place May 23-26, 2018. The CSC brings leading music industry professionals from across North America together to examine and discuss the art and the commerce of songwriting in workshops, panels, and networking opportunities, with a focus on creating multiple revenue streams.

The Canadian Songwriter Challenge is a project within the CSC that will pair PEI songwriters with peers from across Canada. These songwriters will collaborate together for two days to co-write and record demos. On the third day, they will have the opportunity to pitch their songs to a panel of delegates, including music supervisors, publishers, labels, and other industry professionals from Canada and further abroad. Participating artists will also have an opportunity to pitch their own catalogue of songs.

Participating artists will also have a performance opportunity featuring all the pairs of collaborators in concert during the conference. Each artist will be paid a performance fee.

Submissions will be open from December 15, 2017 to January 19, 2018.

Catalogues of past collaborations are available:

2017 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
Meaghan Blanchard (PEI) & Gabrielle Papillon (NS)
Andrew Waite (PEI) & Ross Neilsen (SK)
Rachel Beck (PEI) & Jordan Alexander (ON)
Dennis Ellsworth (PEI) & Tyler Gilbert (SK)

2016 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
KINLEY (PEI) & Carleton Stone (NS)
Dennis Ellsworth (PEI) & Andy Brown (NB)
Tim Chaisson (PEI) & Brianna Gosse (NL)
Dylan Menzie (PEI) & Kashka (ON)

2015 Canadian Songwriter Challenge on Soundcloud
Coyote (PEI) & Dan Mangan (BC)
Meaghan Blanchard (PEI) & Tim Hus (AB)
Tim Chaisson (PEI) & Jay Semko (SK)
Ashley Condon (PEI) & The Small Glories (MB)
Dennis Ellsworth (PEI) & Donovan Woods (ON)

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