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If you're intersted in getting to know more about Music PEI members, here are the complete member profile listings to give you an introduction to the musicians, venues, and people in the industry.

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2023 Jeux du Canada Games

Adjust the Facts
Allen, William
Alsop, Greg
Altass, David
Alyssa Gallant
Andrew Waite
Ansems, Brielle
Aondo, Charles
Arsenal Mills

Bannister, Leonard
Barnes, Diane
Barnes, Olivia
Barnes, Tom
Barron, Rik
Beaulieu, Roland
Beck, Nancy
Belsher, Gordon
Black is the Colour
Blacquiere, Kari Lyn
Bourque, Patricia
Broadbent, Eric
Buchanan, Colin
Bungay, Greg

Campbell, Larry
Campbell, Pamela
Campbell, Sara
Canadian Country Music Association
Carruthers, Keith
Chevarie, Joseph
City of Charlottetown
Clark, Ashley
Clayton, Liah
Club Rat
Colwill, Brad
Comeau, Aaron
Compton, Nolan
Corcoran, Liam
Corkum, Blaine
Crabbe Road Productions
Craig, Bruce
Crockett, Blake

Davis, Bryne
Dickieson, Nicolas
DNR Records
Doneff, Nick
Dowling, Alan
Dowling, Estelle
Dowling, Kinley

Eddie, Sarah
Edgecombe, Chavez
Ellsworth, Dennis
Ellsworth, Lynn
Ettles, Robin Anne

Feng, Dingyi
Frantic Shadow

Gallant, Adam
Gallant, Adrienne
Gallant, Christian
Gallant, Deryl
Gallant, Emma
Gallant, Jenna-Marie
Gallant, Jessica
Gallant, Lennie
Gaudet, Blair
Gavin, John
Giddings, Steve
Golden Cinema
Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
Graves Of The Abyss
Gray, Bob
Greene, Layne
Griffin, Rebecca

Haddad, Nadia
Hagen, Sarah
Hall, Luka
Hameline , Abigail
Hannah, Mathew
Hansen, Charlie
Harman, Dale
Hashem, John
Haunted Hearts
Hemphill, Jacob
Hill, Adam
Hired Guns
Hughes, Matthieu

Igwe, Tobenna
Indian River Festival

Jackman, Cathy
Janet McGarry & Wildwood
Jensen, Bob
Julie and Danny

Kielly, Heather
Knechtel, Max
Knox, Rich
Koughan, Larry

La Coopérative de développement culturel et patrimonial de Mont-Carmel
Landry, Doc
Lauzon, JiCi
Little Cities
Long, Shannon
Lopes, Julien
Love, Linda
Love, Steve

MacArthur, Brooke
MacIsaac, Hailey
MacKay, David
MacKay, Scott
MacKenzie, Melissa
MacLean, Tara
MacLellan, Catherine
MacLennan, Maxine
MacPherson, Andrew
Malcolm, Noah
Mares, John
Mark Palmer
Matsos, Lee
Matthews, Jon
Maxwell, Lawrence
McBurnie, Frances
McCarthy, Abi
McCarthy, Kerry
McCarvill, Iain
McGarry, Katie
McKie, Carla
Melzer, Andrew
Menzie, Dylan
Menzie, Edward
Menzie, Linda
Menzies, Cameron
Merry, Ryan
Midnight Fools
Mike Bernard Photography
Mitchell Management
MMC Music Workshop
Montero González, Diego
Montuno Cubano
Mooney, Kelley
Mythen, Irish Jane

O'Brien, Catherine
O'Hanley, Jerry
O'Regan, Zoe
Oakie, Rob
Oakie, Shauna
Obembe, Joshua

Parsons, Scott
Patkai, Jace
Patkai, Jolee
Patkai, Julius
Payne, Christopher
Peña Acosta, Jorge Luis
Pendergast, Shane
PixbyLorne, PixbyLorne
Pr02type, The
Praught, Ryan
Pursey, Damian
Putnam, Anne

Ramsay, Jerrica
Rehder, Jon
Reyome, Jocelyn
Richard, Donald
Richard, Logan
Richards, Peter
Rick Sparkes + The Enablers
Robbie, Silly
Roberge, Jennifer
Rock the Boat Music Festival
Rodgers, Susan
Rogers, Ian
Rosevere, Lee
Roumbanis, Chris
Roy, Brandon Howard
Rustico Road Studio
Ryan, Kevin

Schulz, Guenter
Shed Sessions PEI
Sirène et Matelot
Sky Family
Smith, Jessica
Smith, Sheila Ann
Soul Filter
Stander, Al
Stratton, Mike
Strickey, Glen
Strum, Nicole

The Backstays
The Blind Prophets
The Burning Hell
The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada
The Darvel
The League
The Messenger, Vince
The Noisy Crows
The Ross Family
The Royal North
Thomson, Dennis
Toner, Alicia
Trainor, Maureen

Van Asperen, Braeden
Van Winkle, Ryan

Watts, Mark
Whitecap Entertainment
Williams, Faye
Williams Calhoun, Natalie
Wood, Berni
Wood, Richard
Woodside, Dave
Wrong Planet Band

Young, Justyn
Yurcak, Tricia