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Brielle Ansems
Itís a powerful thing to translate anxiety, grief, growth, and hope into music. It taps into our unspoken experiences and connects us through our simplest humanities. This is what Brielle Ansems strives to do with her songs. Guitar blends with soaring, rich vocals that contain poignant expression in both range and dexterity, carrying artfully written words of self-reflection, painful honesty, and personal progression. Largely lyric and melody based, her music exposes her vulnerabilities and her triumphs in order to reach the truest and most meaningful communication music can accomplish.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Brielle was raised with music on her lips and a quietness of conversation that encouraged an introspection that quickly became a vital part of her artistic identity. She moved with her family to Montague, Prince Edward Island at the age of ten, and it was this move that sprouted a recognition of her passion for music and writing. The supportive community of peers, mentors, and Island music culture fostered her creativity and she soon grew into a multi-instrumentalist, avid singer, and songwriter. She now calls Charlottetown, PEI home, and is preparing to release her debut album in the summer of 2019.