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Emerald Junction
Ron Kelly (singer/guitarist)
Anne Quinn (singer)

Although Anne Quinn and Ron Kelly have perhaps 80 years between them in terms of public performances -- either alone or with others -- they only came together as a duo in the fall of 2013. Blending Anne's strong, soaring soprano and country preferences with Ron's bass voice, guitar and folk/pop leanings, they chose the name "Emerald Junction" as a tribute to their Irish roots and their goal of mixing musical styles -- and because Emerald Junction sits pretty well smack dab in the middle of Prince Edward Island! (As well, Emerald Junction used to serve as the main "mixing yard" for trains coming and going to "the mainland".) They combine the best of both traditional and contemporary covers of country, folk and pop tunes -- including some Irish and Celtic numbers, a few blues efforts and a handful of gospel or sacred hymns -- with the early seeds of their own songwriting efforts.
"Every song is a gift -- from the songwriter to the performers and from the performers to the audience," they note. "And it's a gift to be able to benefit from -- and contribute to -- the long tradition and rich supportive culture that is the musical community in Prince Edward Island".