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Ryan Praught
My name is Ryan Praught; I've lived on PEI all my life, growing up in Summerside and moving to Charlottetown in 1992. My wife and I now have a house in St. Catherines, and we both love PEI music.

I am an IT professional, and my hobbies include playing guitar and piano/keyboard, as well as amateur photography, hiking, and carpentry.

Growing up I was always fond of music, but in the early years, I was a singer. I was in church and school choirs, and I also sang solos at a few music festivals. Unfortunately I got older and that "wasn't cool" anymore. I started to emulate my "cooler" older cousins who were into the 80's heavy metal genre, and for a long time I got stuck in that rut.

In my last year of high school, I bought a cheap knock-off electric guitar and a small amp, and a few guitar-tab magazines and thought I'd teach myself to play. Well, I did actually stick with it, and years later I think I've finally gained a true appreciation for music in many forms.

Anyway, here's looking forward to more awesome PEI music.