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Jenni & The Hummingbird
“Being truly yourself, comes with resistance. We are surrounded by individuals who mimic behaviours without ever finding the rhythm of their own dance. When you embrace and express yourself, you get to experience true identity; the dark and the light. My music is my true identity.”-Jenni

Jenni & the Hummingbird is a vibrant light—shaped by the darkness. Surrendering to her music, she expresses from within it and uses her ethereal voice to chant poetic lyrics that dance through layers of simple melody. Her music hums with the earth and draws listeners into the sonic spaces she creates from above. Her sound launches itself from the summit of a mountain into the mists of the unknown below. Each phrase comes from nothing, swells into feeling, and dissipates back into the mist.

Jenni Roberge of Jenni & the Hummingbird grew up in Stratford, Prince Edward Island, steps away from the ocean’s edge. She started playing music so that she could practice dance. After ballet classes, Jenni would come home and have no way of practicing because she did not have the music at home—until she found a toy piano with a record function. Jenni, began going to her ballet classes with the intention of remember the music. She would come home letting the music flow from her mind and onto her piano. She worked meticulously to learn the songs by ear so that she could dance from within her own music. This meticulous work ethic is something that has stayed with her.

As Jenni grew into her teens she wanted to learn guitar, but did not have one. She would run to her neighbours house and use their guitar. Slowly, visit by visit she taught herself the basics. At the age of 16 she received a guitar as a gift and began immersing herself in learning Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Elliot Smith songs. Throughout her life she has she learned and explored many instruments. The sounds of all she has explored lingers in her mind so that she may paint her sonic images.

In university, Jenni studied English and was fascinated by the poetry of William Wordsworth, Edmund Spenser, John Keats. Her love for poetry is displayed in her lyrics that float themselves through space. After university, Jenni spent a few years playing local restaurant gigs. However, her curiosity was still caught up in the world of composition, driven by the desire to add more texture to her songs.

Jenni took a brief hiatus from the live scene in preparation for a recording project and moved to Toronto to develop her music. Before leaving for Toronto, Jenni taught herself cello—another beautiful texture. She began recording at Afterglow Audio and worked with a session cello player to produce the melodies of her mind. In 2017, Jenni moved back to her Island home and began working with local musician Dennis Ellsworth & Adam Gallant (co-producers on the record) to complete an EP.

Inspired by the simple melodies and cinematic soundscapes of Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi and enchanting music of Norwegian artist Aurora; Jenni pulls from her influences to create sounds that resonate from the heart and include all nuances of the emotions experienced in life.