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Fluffy Little Cowboys
Maureen Adams (percussion, bass, vocals)
Olivia Roberts (double bass, fiddle, vocals)
Shelley Montreuil (vocals, guitar, banjo, sax)

The women in Fluffy Little Cowboys are no angels. They’re not cowboys either, for that matter, and they definitely aren’t fluffy. What they are is a fiery, focused trio with an eclectic sonic concoction that’s incredibly compelling but almost impossible to categorize.

Some call it moody alt-Americana, but you’ll also hear tinges of country, roots, trad, and blues. Then there’s the rhythmic spoken word and punk rock piss-and-vinegar. Trying to identify every bit of influence in Fluffy Little Cowboys’ music is like trying to point out every individual poke of a full-sleeve tattoo. That only matters to the artist; what matters to everyone else is the finished product.

The PEI-based band is comprised of Shelley Montreuil (vocals, guitar, banjo, sax), Maureen Adams (percussion, bass, harmonies), and Olivia Roberts (double bass, fiddle, harmonies).

Their debut 2017 album "No Angel" showcases Fluffy Little Cowboys’ diverse array of influences and undeniable vigor. It’s also something of a soapbox for Shelley to share her pointed social commentary. Produced by PEI wunderkind Nathan Wiley, it also features Doobie Brothers drummer Ed Toth.

The lyrical content on No Angel is weighty, tackling combustible subjects head-on. The references to topics like the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting and violence against women hit like a musical Molotov cocktail; however, at their core is a message of empowerment, inclusion, and living your life to the fullest.

Fluffy Little Cowboys are a lot of things, but put simply, they are an edgy group of passionate performers making great music with a powerful and important message.

No angels? Maybe it’s just that their halos are a bit crooked…


Upcoming Gigs

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Fluffy Little Cowboys
11:00 PM The Piston Toronto, ON, Canada
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Fluffy Little Cowboys
8:00 PM Pressed Ottawa, ON, Canada
Friday, October 5, 2018
Fluffy Little Cowboys
7:00 PM Milano's Pub House Pembroke, ON, Canada
Saturday, October 6, 2018
Fluffy Little Cowboys
7:00 PM Golden Arrow Perth, ON, Canada
Sunday, October 7, 2018
Fluffy Little Cowboys
7:00 PM Redneck Bistro Calabogie, ON, Canada