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Russell Louder
Russell Louder is a transgender performance artist, musician and producer based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Entanglement, metamorphosis, transformation: Russell Louder exemplifies their relentless and nuanced exploration of musical genres - experimental, noise, dance-pop - creating a constantly mutating fantasy landscape of found percussion, swaths of brutally applied ambience, howls, growls, and whispers, tied together with soaring vocals.

"Louder had the stage presence of a much more seasoned musician, commanding the audienceís full attention while still being sweet and humble between songs. As Louder recorded and remixed themselves live, we knew we were witnessing something truly unique. While loving Louderís performance as a whole, it was their voice that was so captivating. When they sang their first notes on stage, chills went down our spines."
- The East Magazine