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Cathy Jackman
Just a small town girl who always loved to sing..just not in front of people!! Born and raised in West Prince, Cathy did not have a family musical background. She took music in school playing violin and ukelele then up to clarinet and saxophone. she fell out of music when she married and had a family. Sadly, Cathy's Dad passed away in 2009 and the only way she could find to help overcome the grief was to write a song in his memory. Her Mom had an old guitar so she took it home contemplating the idea of teaching herself to play. Her Mom knew she was determined so she bought her a new guitar as a surprise and an incentive to learn how to play. She spent the winter of 2010-11 in the basement learning, bound and determined she would pick it up. Once she got over her fear of singing in front of people she started going to local ceilidhs and singing. Cathy met up with Roy MacCaull who took her under his wing and with his guidance she did a solo CD called Follow Your Dreams. Cathy wrote a song called "I've Been Everywhere PEI Style" which seems to be a big hit with islanders and has received quite a bit of airtime on the Eric MacEwen show on Saturday evenings. Cathy met Jeff Coughlin at a local kitchen party and they started jamming a bit together and had a great musical connection. In 2016 they got together with Roy MacCaull and produced a CD called Songs for the Road. Cathy volunteers at seniors facilities. She says she loves to watch them sing the old music with her. Cathy and Jeff have a band called "Side By Each" that do cover songs, originals and a great mix of old country and rock.