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Nolan Compton
The question, "When do you start playing?" is often asked, and many musicians usually answer with "I've been singing since I could talk", or "I've been playing since I could hold a guitar", Nolan Compton's journey to becoming a musician was the complete opposite!

Living with a family of seven (youngest of the five), We were always in the "Go,Go,Go mode" there wasn't much quiet time around the house. As time moved on, and everyone grew older and starting there lives on there own, Nolan (17) was the only one left in the Compton residence.

One day, he came across his mom's old Walden guitar in the closet. He cleaned it off put some new strings on it. After a couple of months of trial and error, and taking the advice of his neighbor, he developed a new passion. After a while of playing in his room, he decided to take it to the public. He started to play at house parties, benefits, and talent shows. Once he turned 19, more doors began to open. He started to play at local pubs in his area.

As more opportunities rose, he put them on hold as he was accepted into college. He spent the year in the books, and was working right after his last exam. After working a year as a Power Engineer, his passion for music was stronger then ever! He decided to leave his job to fully pursue music.

Since making this decision, he has opened for Ryan Cook, has made three appearances at the New-Brunswick Country Showcase, and has played at the Beer Gardens, Hunters, Kings Play House, Montague Days, Farm Day in the City, and many other venues.

Nolan will be creating his first album with Jon Matthews (the 2019 Producer of the year, and Recording Studio of the Year winner). Nolan will continue to write, perform, and take on any challenge thrown at him. Once the album is complete, he is looking forward to what doors will open to expand his career in music!