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Lobie Daughton
Lobie Daughton specialized for many years in community-based economic development for the co-operative sector, a sector that has grown from origins among small groups of exploited industrial and agricultural workers into a world-wide network of enterprises that employs 20% more people than the all of the multi-national corporations combined. Lobie’s work focuses on personal and planetary health issues, and involves enterprise development with groups from First Nations and Newcomers to Youth and Women – in other words, the main growth demographics in the New Economy – as well as with mainstream Canadians. Communication is at the heart of Lobie’s mission, as the identification of common needs around shared principles leads to resilient enterprises that involve a broader base of informed and empowered member-owners, and hence to communities that feature a high degree of citizen engagement and increased community capacity, which the World Health Organization describes as ‘the development of knowledge, skills, commitment, structures, systems and leadership to enable effective health promotion...and the development of cohesiveness and partnerships for health in communities’. As the 21st Century unfolds, in Lobie’s words, “We now need to focus on structures and enterprises that will have an in-built tendency to follow principles that also consider broader issues of population and planetary health, and we need to learn each other’s languages so that progressive solutions are quickly shared and well understood”.

Lobie was a founder member of the Canadian Environmental Network’s Health Caucus, and was also founding chairperson of the Community Advisory Board for PEI’s Health Information Resource Centre. In that role, he led negotiations that brought a $650,000 annual contract from Health Canada to Prince Edward in order to establish the Eastern Co-operative Health Organization (ECHO) as the Eastern Regional Operating Centre for the Canadian Health Network (a web-based, interactive health information service). The contract continued for five years with Lobie as ECHO’s President. Other environment and health work included acting as an External Advisor for the federal government’s “Report on Human Health and the Environment” and drafting the Health section of the “Summit or Plummet” report to the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Lobie has won various writing awards and was the Recipient of the Quebec-Labrador Foundation’s “Caring for the Earth Award” in 2000 and of the “Worker Co-op Merit Award” in 2009; he and his family live by the water in Mermaid, Prince Edward Island.