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Gerry Edge
It all started in the 80's in eastern King's county PEI. I was a product of kitchen parties where, in those days, country music ruled. I did my first gig at the Cheverie Inn in Sours (which is now only a memory). I had no PA and only my acoustic guitar and the people loved it. I was hooked. My skills develped and my knowledge of the technical side of things grew. I endedd up going to Montreal. The gigs were plentiful and the moey was good. I found myself in a circle of excellent musicians of like mind and the next thing you know I was in Naxhville recording my first album. Back in Montreal I had a bad experience with a small label that I signed with so I decided to do the thing independently, starting my own publishing company and my own label. I toured on the strength of that album for a couple of years. It's a tough business and I admire those few artists who are able to juggle the business with the art. I went back to giging three nights a week locally, continuing always to write songs and tecord.
I moved back to the Islandf and have had the good fortune to play wth some amazing musicians and now I'm ready to put out another album. The problem is choosing from all the songs. Wish me luck