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Nathaniel Ing
King Ing aka Nathaniel Anderson Ing was born November 6th, 2001 in Kentville, Nova Scotia but was raised an Islander, in Charlottetown. Nathaniel sang in choir throughout elementary and first saw success when he was cast as Young Olivier in the World Premiere of Evangeline as well as Anne of Green Gables. Since then he has been a part of many other theatre productions and was always keen to learn from the countless talented individuals around him. He started writing his own lyrics in 2015 and was finally pushed to record by some friends in the fall of 2017. He uploaded his music to SoundCloud under the name King Ing, which saw relative success, but he really started to see success when he released his single "Someone Find Me" to all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, etc. He is currently pursuing music while also being a full time student at Charlottetown Rural High School.