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Skull Kid and the Giants
Mike Parkman (Bassist)
Lucas Manuel (Guitarist)
Josh Power (Lead Vocalist)

Skull Kid and the Giants began in the summer of 2016 when Mike Parkman, Josh Power, Lucas Manuel, and Jamie Roumbanis, decided to bring their various influences together to craft songs. After two years primarily focused on song writing, Skull Kid and the Giants finally emerged from the humid depths of Jamie’s basement in the May 2018 to bring their music to the public. After a busy summer playing local venues in Charlottetown, Mitchell Gallant joined the group as they continue their journey to develop their sound.

Skull Kid and the Giants draw elements from a variety of genres including Funk, Post-Punk, Jazz, Folk, and Alternative Rock. The combination of melodic rhythm guitar and keyboard, lively lead guitar, thoughtful vocal melodies, and the soulful groove laid out by the drums and bass, create a cohesive and evocative soundscape. Lyrically, the band tends to focus on themes akin to the transition period between youth to adulthood. Reminiscing on time spent with friends; the euphoria and the pitfalls of romantic relationships; nostalgia for days gone by; yearning to move forward while feeling reluctant to leave things behind; these topics can all be found within their songs. For fellow fans of the Legend of Zelda game series, the name Skull Kid and the Giants can even be understood as symbolizing the carefree and mischievous nature of youth clashing with the responsibilities of adulthood.

Always aiming to put their music first, Skull Kid and the Giants are continuously striving to evolve and perfect their sound while still staying true to themselves.