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The League
Protogey Ferguson (Mananger)
Xale Ferguson (Mananger/Artist)
MiniShelly Ferg (Mananger)
Smithsxn Smith (Manager/Artist)

You can sum up what we do for our artists within a few words – we help make music, and we help you market it. There is much more to it than that, but it’s a decent beginning.
We offer a full-label service and various In-house option to our roster of artists. If needing help finding a studio, equipment, mixers and or masters to create your musical vision, we can assist you in finding them, and make your vision a reality.
If you’ve got your music made and into a catalog already, we can still find the proper audience it deserves. We’ll take analyze the artist and their music to provide all the tools needed to succeed. We’re dedicated to making sure our artists succeed everywhere in everyway, from Spotify to Instagram!
The League Records includes a group of four members currently.
Xale who is the primary founder of the group also plays the guitar and piano aside from music production and sound engineering services.
TheProtogey who is a co-founding member of the group is a seasoned professional instrumentalist/producer who also provide music licensing and advising services.
Smithsxn who is also a co-founding member of the group is a professional music producer and sound engineer providing various services to the group.
Mini$helly is a primary founding member of the group, she is also a professional instrumentalist/performer who advises the group and also provides many more pro-services.