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Joseph Chevarie
I have been playing drums since I was 7 years old. I played few a few artists here and there, played in highschool band, with the Strathgartney Chamber Orchestra, and at my church. Along the way I have picked up the bass, guitar and keyboard.

Once I began studying at UPEI, I began my own praise and worship band. As we progressed as a band, we evolved a tradition of playing funk music at the end of our concerts, which allowed us to begin our funk band until myself an the bassist left for London, Ontario to study at St. Peter's Seminary.

Although I am only home during the summers, I would love to dedicate love of time to playing live and recording, I've got myself a small music room/studio in London to keep up the chops. In the meantime, I've started making covers of some of my favourite songs on YouTube, find my channel in the website link.