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Montuno Cubano
Montuno Cubano is a lively Latin band, and their repertoire includes bolero, guaracha, salsa, rumba, conga, son Cubano, punto guajira, suca suca, and cha-cha-cha.

Guest artist, Jorge Pena, is performing with the band for a limited engagement. He plays requinto, an instrument that looks like a guitar, but it shorter, wider, and tuned higher so it has a very bright sound. With his brother, Jorge has performed at festivals throughout Cuba as well as in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, and Germany. As a solo artist, he has performed in Mexico, and Brazil.

On Latin percussion and guitar is Mark Carr-Rollitt who was a percussionist with the ECMA nominated band, The Count and the Cuban Cocktail. Mark is well-versed in Cuban rhythms and has travelled to Cuba to work with a Cuban percussionist and study the evolution of complex rhythms. Joining the group on upright bass and back up vocals is Chris Martell, an accomplished and versatile musician who can play anything from hip hop and jazz to classic rock and Cuban music which is one of his favorite genres.

In Cuban music, the montuno is the final section of a song, and it is usually faster, bolder, and semi-improvised. In Spanish, montuno means, comes from the mountains and it refers to a style of music that originated from Santiago de Cuba which is where Jorge Pena grew up on a coffee plantation. When a song reaches the montuno if people are not already dancing, they will want to.