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Hazen Halls
Hazen Halls is a recording project that features the poetry of award-winning writer and musician, Rick Sparkes. The poems featured on Hazen Halls' debut album (forthcoming in 2022) span over a decade and have been recognized through a number of publications and awards, including the Island Literary Awards and the CBC Poetry Prize (shortlist).

"I wanted to explore those other elements of my creativity in the hopes of producing something that is both unique and compelling for the listener," says Sparkes. "In a world where any fool with enough money can go into a studio and play every instrument poorly on their bloated, self-indulgent metal album and have it come out sounding exactly like what other greater artists have already done, it seems that qualities like authenticity, ingenuity, and intelligence are being valued less and less. If nothing else, this project is a humble attempt to reclaim, in its own way, the profound and innovative spirit of modern music."