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The Arcticstar
Core Spirit:
We aspire to create
Unique positive experiences
With dynamic and original musical elements that
Refresh our minds
Revitalize our bodies and
Touch our hearts

Brand Concept:
Crafting a lighthouse
Made of musical elements
That shines eternally above us
Showing us the way home

We give pause
To our hurried footsteps
Tilting our heads
To listen
Following her starlit path
We enter a space
That is boundless and free
A space dedicated
Just for us

We hope the warmth
Emanating from ArcticStar
Can illuminate your path
Can light your heart
Regardless of the skies
Dark or clear
We will always be here

Besides taking the form of music records, our creations will also integrate the different visual and performing arts. ArcticStar aims to hold events with universal appeal, where music is incorporated into other mediums such as mindfulness retreats, musicals, live entertainment etc.

ArcticStar will be developing creations in the following five mediums:
Music, The written word, Performing arts, Visual arts, as well as In-person mindfulness sessions. Harnessing technology as well as physical performances, ArcticStar aspires to form authentic connections with each individual. Art speaks directly to the heart, and with visual and performing arts powering our guiding light, ArcticStar aspires to shine a path for all.