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Jolee Patkai
My name is Jolee Patkai, nee Campbell. I grew up with music on Prince Edward Island, mostly country. Kitchen parties were a common occasion, as well as, jamborees.

My first CD sort of sums up my thoughts and feelings of growing up, family and just love of music. It was produced at Guernsey Cove Parlour. Gordon Belsher was wonderful, and I think, together, we came up with a nice mix of sound and variety. Although mostly country, there is a little feel of jazz and swing there, and so far, it seems to be very well received.

I was very fortunate to have the talents of Richard Wood on the song "Violin Waltz" which is an original song, and really showcases Richard's gift. Doug MacEwen did a wonderful job on "Last Date", which I dedicate to my late Aunt Marnie, as well as, two other numbers on the CD. Bruce MacEwen kicked three songs into high gear with his outstanding guitar picking, Todd MacLean lent his jazzy saxophone to "Crazy" and last but not least.....Gordon Belsher added his guitar to four numbers - A sincere thank you to all musicians who performed.....the sound is absolutely marvelous!


2008 - 2009 -

I was very honoured to be part of the "Believing in Anne" CD commemorating Anne's 100th Birthday! Joining me on the CD were Nancy White, Mark Haines, Jenn Grant and Richard Wood! We each created new compositions for the CD, as well as, performed original songs from both musicals, "Anne" of Green Gables and "Anne and Gilbert" You can check out this CD by going to my web site at

2010 -

A little update! Wow...where has the time gone? The year 2010 has brought some new ventures for me..teaming up with Lester Stubbert, I was able to entertain lots throughout the summer - Music On Deck - Gold Cup Parade with Magic 93 on the Harbour Hippo - so much fun!! There were fundraisers and benefits...It was a great time all around. More recently, Norman Stewart has joined us, and we did a concert at the Souris Show Hall..what a beautiful venue...

Looking forward to creating a new CD this winter..already working on it with a demo of three original's going to be an amazing journey. I'll keep you all posted!

2011 -

Hello to everyone! Just a little update so you know what's up with me this year! I have started working on my new CD...The click track is finished and I have 11 originals and three covers that I know you will enjoy. The summer is gearing up to be a busy one, with lots of entertaining for now the CD is resting, awaiting the fall when I will return to the studio.

This summer I am again part of "Music On Deck" and will team up with Mr. Lester Stubbert ....This is a fun gig, and it is always interesting meeting people visiting our beautiful Island.


Lester Stubbert and I have worked hard this winter and have created a show that we will take to the stage at
The Souris Show Hall every Sunday evening during the months of July and August. We are "Back - to - Back" and we look forward to seeing you in Souris every Sunday night at 8:00 pm at the Souris Show Hall. This is a beautiful venue and is located at 5 Church Street, just off the main drag in Souris. We are offering a mix of Country and Celtic..with some comedy thrown in...well..Lester is pretty funny!!

*Watch for our posters, which are in Tourist Information Centres and businesses across PEI!

I will add more updates throughout the summer.....don't forget to check it out!

Now...please... let the summer begin!!

Fall and Winter 2011:

Well..a busy summer is finally over! Time to slow down and get back to work on my CD..which I have been doing! Looks like I'm up to 14 songs now..and I am really excited about the selection. I have 11 originals and three covers!

I have been singing at benefits and fundraisers for the past few months, and I am part of a new CD called "Girls' Night Out" featuring Neil Matthews and three lovely ladies, Gloria Rogerson, Jenn Hicks and Jeannie Kelly! Our launch for the CD is set for Saturday, December 3rd at the Benevolent Irish Society!

With my partner in crime, Mr. Lester Stubbert, we are staging a Christmas Show at the Souris Showhall on Sunday, December 11th at 7pm. We enjoyed this venue all summer long and it will be wonderful to get back to the showhall again!

Lester and I, as "Back-to-Back" are also entertaining on CBC Radio "The Morning Show" on Tuesday, December 13th, which is being broadcast from the Montague Food Bank. This is exciting... "On Air" and live..should be a grand experience! Just goes to show one is never too old to try new things!

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a save and happy holiday and New Year! Ho! Ho! ho!

I also would like to say that my husband and I are now proud grandparents to Maddox Gyula....born in September...he was a Christmas present come early for us! :)


March, 2012:

The spring is trying to emerge, and with the spring comes new gigs and shows! On May 26th, Lester Stubbert and I will be putting on a show at The Dunk in Breadalbane, beginning at 7:30..Hal has such a wonderful welcoming've just got to come out and experience it!

On Friday, June 15th and Saturday, June 16th, I am staging a show at The Guild called "Jolee - From the Heart" This show is being created on behalf of The Heart and Stroke Foundation, and a portion of the proceeds will go to this very deserving organization! Joining me on stage will be Ms. Rita Watts, Lester Stubbert, Bob Gagnon, Gil Nowlan and Jon Rehder. Shows begin at 8:pm...and we are so looking forward to seeing everyone come on out to support a great cause!

Also this summer...Lester Stubbert and I will be returning to the Souris Showhall for our Sunday night performances starting at 8:pm. We are very happy to say that our shows have been extended to include June, July, August and September! YAY! Our audience is growing..and for this we are very excited and honoured. Surely do hope to see you at the shows.

Coming up on June 2, 2012, will see a return of the show "One Night Only" by Nils Ling. I was very happy to be a part of the show which was staged at The Dunk on February 26th, and now the show is back by popular demand..this time at Harmony House in Hunter River! It is a must see, and I promise you will enjoy this collection of original songs by Nils, and songs that were co-written, as well, with members of the cast. "Dance With Me" is a beautiful "1-2-3" step written by Nils and me, and is dedicated to his mother. has been a great winter, and one that has brought many new experiences for me. I am working on my second CD called "Going Home" and I am two/thirds's going to be looking forward to launching it in early summer!

I will keep adding to this page, as new events emerge.....thank you so much for checking out my profile!

Onward to summer...never mind spring...!!

December, 2012:

I am pleased to say my CD "Going Home" is now completed and ready for distribution! I am very pleased at the outcome and quality and look forward to launching it in the New Year! I will keep you informed as to the "where" and "when". The CD includes 11 original songs of mine and 4 covers. So excited and happy to share it with you!

I am also a member of a Classic Country Band called "Country Lane" This band features Johnny Gallant, Judy Lowe, Billy Matthews and myself! We are having the best time, and look forward to a busy 2013! We hope to see you at our dances and I'll keep them posted on the "gigs" portion of this site!

On behalf of my family, I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year! If you happen to be joining Country Lane in Rustico for New Years...I'll see you there..if safely and God Bless!


Many changes have happened in my musical world, of late....but all good! I would like to introduce you to the new group I am part of, "Treble with Girls" featuring Norman Stewart, Sheila FitzPatrick, Maxine MacLennan and myself! We are enjoying this new group and sound and our harmonies are what set us apart! Keep your eyes pealed for the Guardian and this website for upcoming concerts and gigs!