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Christian Gallant
Canadian singer-songwriter Christian Gallant is intense, enthusiastic, passionate and bursting with energy. His music is pleasing to the ear with catchy lyrics that are easy to remember and help convey his passion for his craft. His captivating lyrics and enchanting melodies come from the heart, telling stories often inspired by reality.

The power to touch a person’s deepest emotions is one of the rarest qualities a singer can have and yet, Christian’s songs continue to touch the hearts and souls of many. People easily connect with his songs and are able to associate them with their own personal lives. "I've had many people e-mail me after hearing my songs on the radio or come up to me after a show to tell me how my music made them feel -- how it gave them chills, moved them in a certain way or brought them back to a special or sad time in their lives. I love hearing that because it is how my favorite artists make me feel when I listen to them."

Born and raised in the Evangeline area of Prince Edward Island, the largest of PEI’s French-speaking regions, Christian’s roots are deeply grounded in his ancestors’ music - traditional music. He grew up in the whirlwind of late-night house parties surrounded by local unheard of music legends of all genres. However, his heart is and has forever been devoted to his dream – a career as a singer/songwriter.

After graduating from the Music Industry and Performance Program at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, Newfoundland, and having acquired the skills needed to succeed, he embarked on his professional musical journey and recorded his first EP entitled Tempête. This album displays his versatility as a songwriter and features a remarkable mix of his songwriting abilities. Whether it be the haunting and sorrowful Tempête, the powerful message within Prends le temps, the self-actualized revelations of Je t’ai trouvé or his pop-rock hook-filled Love’s Never Love and The Walk of No Return, each possesses modern arrangements and is surrounded by Christian’s soothing yet melancholic vocals.

In the last year, all three of Christian’s French singles from his debut album Tempête have soared the charts of French radio stations across the Maritimes.