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Kelley Mooney
Well, I guess I started making coherent, musical sounds when I was about five years old at a restaurant in Canton, Massachusettes. There was a band playing, and Dad convinced them to let me sing Country Roads. So there began my career.

We moved to PEI (where both parents are from) then I really started raking in the dough in the kitchen where I’d get paid a quarter per song when company came over. Do know how many songs it takes to buy a guitar? Too many, so I worked at tobacco and bought my 12 string Takamine when I was 14 from money I earned pulling weeds in the tobacco fields. Whoa... I think there’s a country song in there somewhere.

I did the circuit; talent contests, benefits, weddings, concerts, festivals and funerals, and in 1983, I was invited to participate on a compilation album of PEI artists called “Our Songs”. I was then catapulted into stardom, appearing as a guest on “Sounds of the Island”; a weekly musical variety CBC television series which aired in the early 1980s. Then in 1984, I was invited to sing for Pope John Paul II during his visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia. That was an incredible experience; climbing all those stairs to the stage... I wonder if he liked my rendition of “Georgia”.

I grew up and moved away like so many young Islanders do. But, like so many before me, I was lured back home by the gentle whisper of the waves and my mother’s Half Hour Pudding, so in 1999, I landed back home with a ¼ ton truck and a husband.

I hadn't done much singing over the years, but dove back in about 2006 or so. Since then, I play as much as I can and now have 3 records with my name on them.

I love to sing and play and I love my husband and red-haired stepdaughter. So when I’m not singing and playing, I’m watching the airplanes take off next door to our house on our sprawling ½ acre estate in East Royalty, Prince Edward Island.