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PEI Council of the Arts
The PEI Council of the Arts provides grants and other opportunities to artists across all disciplines including music. Their programs cover Creation & Production, Professional Development, and Dissemination. In all cases, their programs fund Island artists, based here on PEI, who are creating new work, sharing their new work with audiences or finding new venues, or working to increase their skills and knowledge. If you have any questions about their programs, contact them at or visit



The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings is a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian independent recording industry. The foundation administers contributions from sponsoring radio broadcasters as well as two components of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Music Fund to support the Canadian music industry.

Programs Available:
  • Business Development
  • Business Travel
  • Collective Initiatives
  • Comprehensive Artist
  • Comprehensive Music Company
  • Demo
  • Juried Sound Recording
  • Live Performance
  • Marketing & Promotion for FACTOR Funded Sound Recordings
  • Marketing & Promotion for Non-FACTOR Funded Sound Recordings
  • Songwriter’s Workshop
  • Sponsorship
  • Video
FACTOR maintains 10 Regional Education Coordinators (REC) across the country that are represented by each provincial music industry association. RECs are engaged in providing consultation about FACTOR and its programs to local artists and music entrepreneurs, by running local workshops and seminars, and consulting on a one-to-one basis. Our REC and would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about FACTOR funding. They can be reached at

Visit for complete details including deadlines and full program descriptions.

SOCAN Foundation SOCAN Foundation

SOCAN Foundation is dedicated to fostering musical creativity and promoting a better understanding of the role of music creators in today’s society. The Foundation is an independent organization guided by its own board of directors. The board, which consists of composers, songwriters and music publishers, reflects concert music and popular music genres as well as the geographic and linguistic regions or Canada.

Programs Available:
  • Event and Program Grants
  • Concert Music Season Grants
  • Festival Grants
  • Education Grants
  • International Showcasing Grants + more

The Canada Council for the Arts The Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts provides support for the development of individuals, groups, small ensembles, orchestras and other professionals working in the Canadian music community. In addition to tours, concert production, sound recordings and festival programming, the Music Section funds a variety of related activities such as residencies and the commissioning of Canadian compositions.

Programs Available:
Grants to Professional Musicians
Travel Grants
Project Funding + more

MuchFACT & PromoFACT MuchFACT & PromoFACT

A Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent, was created in 1984 concurrent with the launch of MuchMusic, which committed a percentage of its gross annual revenues to stimulate the production of new Canadian music videos. Two years later, when MusiquePlus went on the air, it also became a sponsor, as did MuchMoreMusic when it launched in 1998. The launch of MuchMore (formerly known as MuchMoreMusic) also marked the creation of PromoFACT, an Electronic Press Kit and website production fund for Canadian artists, independent record labels and artist management companies.

MuchFACT is now funded entirely by MuchMusic and MuchMore. Originally named VideoFACT, the company changed its name to MuchFACT in September, 2009. Along with the name change, MuchFACT expanded its program to include viral videos which are defined as small-budget music videos and other innovative music-related content intended for online distribution.

MuchFACT considers applications requesting co-financing for music videos, viral videos, websites and EPKs six times a year. Applications are judged by a board of directors, and successful applicants receive non-recoupable awards of up to 50% of the total production costs to a maximum of $25,000 for music videos and a maximum of $3,500 for viral videos, websites and EPKs.

Programs Available:
  • Music Videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Websites
  • EPK’s

Radio Starmaker Fund Radio Starmaker Fund

The Radio Starmaker Fund was created in the fall of 2000 on the initiative of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters and approved by the CRTC. It is a private fund which has as its stated purpose to "make a substantial and discernable difference to the careers of Canadian artists" by providing substantial incremental investment where the artist has established a proven track record and his or her label is making a Significant Investment in their future career.
To qualify for funding you must be a Canadian who has attained a track record in your existing career. This means you must meet the following criteria.

CIRAA (Canadian Independent Recording Artist Association) Ground Breaker Grant CIRAA

Each month, CIRAA members will be eligible to receive a $100 micro-grant for each gig that they have played during the past calendar month, with a maximum of $1,200 in Groundbreaker Grants per artist per year. CIRAA members will only have to fill out a simple online application form providing details of each gig, and they are then entered into the group of members from which twenty winners will be selected in a lottery draw every month. The lottery draw will be held at 4 pm on the next business day after the 10th of each month.