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Tiny Island Concert Series

Tiny Island Concert Series

Music PEI is extremely thankful to our Funders & Sponsors who helped make the Tiny Island Concert Series happen. The initiative was a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on Island musicians and music industry workers. The goal of the concert series was to offset the financial losses incurred by a community of people whose livelihood and well-being depend directly on gigs, concerts, and other public events—while entertaining music fans around the world in the process.

From late March until the end of May, Music PEI hosted two Island artists—one established and one emerging—in a twice-weekly online concert that was streamed live from each artist’s respective home. The shows took place on Sundays and Thursdays at 8 pm, featuring two artists per night for 90 minutes of programming. Over ten weeks, Music PEI presented 40 artists and had audiences from across Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Europe. The concerts were presented on the Facebook Live platform, with some of the concerts receiving over 8,000 views. It was apparent from the comments that the concert series provided an excellent opportunity for viewers to discover artists they were not yet familiar with.

Because of generous support from ACOA, The Province of PEI, and Bandzoogle, Music PEI was able to pay emerging and established Island artists for their live streamed performances.

Alongside the concert series, the Music PEI Crisis Relief Fund was created, to collect donations from music fans and supporters. The relief fund assisted music industry personnel as well as musicians who were not able to perform in the concert series. With the $3,000 donation from the four Atlantic Superstores on the Island, in coordination with the matched $3,000 donation from the Crisis Relief Fund, we were able to support these professionals with grocery gift cards.

Music PEI has paused the Tiny Island Concert series for now, but are extremely happy with the success of the program. Thanks again to our generous sponsors, the musicians who performed, and the audience members who tuned in along the way.

The Music PEI Crisis Relief fund will remain open for the time being, to continue supporting artists in need. Donate here.

Visit the Music PEI Facebook page to view concerts:

March 29th - Shane Pendergast / Richard Wood
April 2nd - Brielle Ansems / Chris Dalziel (The Royal North)
April 5th - Josh Carter / Tara MacLean
April 9th - Kari Lyn Blacquiere / Catherine MacLellan
April 12th - Fraser McCallum / Racoon Bandit / Cory Gallant
April 16th - Joshua Arran (The Noisy Crows) / Vishtèn
April 19th - Joce Reyome / Dennis Ellsworth
April 23rd - Little Cities / Matt Hannah / Alicia Toner
April 26th - Vince The Messenger / The Burning Hell
April 30th - Brennen Gallant / Dylan Menzie
May 3rd - Ava & Lily Rashed / Rachel Beck
May 7th - Dave Woodside / KINLEY
May 10th - Logan Richard / Andrew Waite
May 14th - Soul Filter / Gordon Belsher
May 17th - Brandon Howard Roy / John MacPhee (Paper Lions)
May 21st - Brad Milligan / Scott Parsons
May 24th - Maureen Trainor / Atlantic String Machine
May 28th - Rick Sparkes / Coyote
May 31st - Nikkie Gallant / Gordie Mackeeman

Notes: Music PEI is funded by the Province of Prince Edward Island, ACOA and FACTOR (through the Government of Canada and Canada’s Public Radio Broadcasters).